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      Obtaining Rectified Photomap Aerial Photography Digital Photogrammetry [1]
      Online Tuning Pole Placement Controller Based Discrete State Space Technique [1]
      Optimal Design Digital filters Genetic Algorithms [1]
      Optimization Drilling Cost Oil Gas Wells Analyzing Rate Parameters [1]
      Order Structures One-point Extensions Locally Compact Spaces [1]
      Origin Geologic Evaluation Umm Ar Razam Clays Al Faidiyah Formation NE Libya [1]
      Origin Depositional Environments Abu Shaybah Formation Ghanimah Area NW of Libya [1]
      Performance Analysis TCP Mobile Ad Hoc Network [1]
      Performance Assessment Solar-Powered Absorption System Libya [1]
      Performance Evaluation of VoIP Wireless Local Area Network [1]
      Performance of Libyan Overhead High Voltage Transmission Line Insulators [1]
      Performance Structural Aspects Design Pulse Detonation Engine [1]
      Petrography Diagenesis Sarir Formation Abu Attifel Oil Field Sirt Basin Libya [1]
      Petrophysical Study Nubian Sandstones Concession [1]
      Pharmacological Preliminary Phytochemical Studies Cestrum Nocturnum Experimental Animals [1]
      Phytochemical Antioxidant Antibacterial Nutritional value Cucurbita maxima D Cucurbitaceae grown Tripoli Libya [1]
      Phytochemical Antioxidant Anticoagulant Activities Nutritional value Allium roseum L Alliaceae Grown Mesellata region Libya [1]
      Phytochemical Biological Screening Ruta Graveolens L. Growing Libya [1]
      Phytochemical Investigation Artemisia Herba Alba Asso Asteraceae [1]
      Portrayals Orphan Child Labour Charles Dicken Novels [1]