الآن تُعرض المواد 1 -- 100 من 401

    3-D Numerical Study Fluid Flow Heat Transfer Multiple Laminar Jets Crossflow (1)
    Adjustment PID Parameters via Fuzzy Logic Improve Process Transient Response (1)
    Aerodynamic Design Performance Estimation Horizontal-axis Wind Turbine (1)
    Algebraic Proof Kalton Representation Theorems (1)
    Analysis circular plates variable thickness using mixed finite element method (1)
    Analysis Grid Structures (1)
    Analysis Interpretation petrophysical properties Mamuniyat reservoir El-Feel Oil Field western part Murzuk Basin NC-174 Libya (1)
    Analysis Saharan Sand Abrasion CSP Collector Surfaces (1)
    Antithrombotic Effect Repeated Doses Ethanolic Extract Local Olive Leaves Rabbits (1)
    Application Adaptive Control Neural Networks Line Real Time Control Systems (1)
    Approximations Geomechanical Parameters In-Situ Testing Standard Penetration Test Results Correlation Study (1)
    Assessment Cement Kiln Dust Utilization Soil Amendment Adsorption Process (1)
    Assessment Study Energy Consumption Ras Lanuf Refinery pinch Analysis (1)
    Basaltic Intrusions Central Jabal Nefusah Foothills (1)
    BD Phoenix system, VITEK® 2 Compact system, KB003Hi25™, coliforms bacteria, fecal Coliform bacteria, MPN-technique, Plate count. (1)
    Carriage Genetic Profile MRSA Isolated Pediatric Hospital (1)
    Causes Problems Encountered 3rd Year Preparatory Libyan Pupils Learning Write English (1)
    Characteristics HQ Tube for Turbofan Engines (1)
    City White Wall Creative Writing Old City Tripoli (1)
    Classification Enhancement Stability Backfill Embankment Case Study Tajoura Misurata (1)
    Comparative Histopathological Immunohistochemical Studies Mammary Gland Tumors Human Canines (1)
    Comparative Study Classical, Matrix Finite –Element Methods Structural Analysis (1)
    Comparative Study Evaluation Application Artificial Neural Network Conventional Controller Dc-Motor (1)
    Comparative Study Monte Carlo Codes Simulation Photons Emitted Elekta Sl-25 Linear Accelerator Tripoli Medical Center (1)
    Comparison Neural Networks Forecasting Arima Models (1)
    Comparison Pavement Management Systems Pms (1)
    Completeness, Consistency Independent Rosser Axiomatic System (1)
    Complex Inversion Formula Laplace Transforms Applications (1)
    Composite Formation Surfaces Hypereutectic Al-Si Alloys SiC Cr Using Ruby Laser (1)
    Controlling Equipment's Performance through Maintenance's Policies Optimization (1)
    Creation Wind Velocity Contour Map Calculate Design Wind Velocity Libya (1)
    Curriculum Deficiencies T.T. Institutes Train Prepare Professionally Qualified Teachers Teach English Specific Purposes Secondary Schools Tripoli (1)
    Densities Viscosities Refractive Index Excess Properties Binary Ternary Fourth Mixtures Alcohol Ether Alkanes Temperatures Atmospheric Pressure (1)
    Department electrical electronics engineering control automation Division (1)
    Deposition Heat Transfer Surfaces Power Plant Boiler Tubes (1)
    Detection avian influenza virus Newcastle disease virus tracheal cloacal swabs backyard poultry Tripoli Libya (1)
    Detection Identification Mycoplasma Synoviae Mycoplasma Gallisepticum One Day Old Broiler Chicks Fertile Eggs (1)
    Detection Most Common Streptococci Affecting Seabream Fish Coastal AreaTripoli Libya (1)
    Determination Optimal Spacing Oil Reservoir Maximize Recovery Factor (1)
    Determination Stress Intensity Factor Different Crack Sizes using Finite Element Method (1)
    Determining Reservoir Quality Combined Stratigraphic Petrographic Petrophysical Methods Sahel Essomoud Fields Sirt Basin (1)
    Development Macroscopic Prediction Models Road Traffic Accidents Libya (1)
    Development Study EL-Mergheb Cement Factory Production Specification Ordinary Portland cement High Sulfate Resistance Cement (1)
    Dielectric Relaxation Dipole Moments Four Hydrogen Bonded Heterocyclic Compounds Chloroform (1)
    Dust Collection System Cement Industries Nano Technology (1)
    Dynamic Evaluation Existing R.C. Buildings Pushover Nonlinear Static Method (1)
    Dynamic Modeling Control Design Nonlinear Coupled Tank liquid level System (1)
    Effect dietary supplementation various levels probiotic performance Broiler Chicks (1)
    Effect Surface Treatment Perfoemance Solar Cells (1)
    Effect Antidepressant Drugs Behavior Albino Mice Presence Antioxidants (1)
    Effect Ascorbic Acid Alprazolam Behaviour Skeletal Muscle Activity Brain Glutamate Levels Albino Rats (1)
    Effect Gabamimetics Duration of Immobility Behavioral Despair Swim Test (1)
    Effect Ion Channel Blockers Pharmacological Action Paracetamol Using Albino Mice (1)
    Effect of Mirtazapine Ethanoli-Nduced Gastric Ulcer Wistar Rats (1)
    Effective Techniques Testing Lexical Competence Third Year Secondary School Students English Specialization Gasser Al-khyar Area (1)
    Effects Finny-shaped Absorber Surface Basin-solar Still Behavior (1)
    Effects oil Extraction depletion Fracture Geometry Behaviors oil reservoirs south east sirt basin (1)
    Electrical Impedance Tomography Regularization Methods Inequality Constraints Image Quality (1)
    Elementary FunctionsTwo Real Varibles (1)
    Energy Levels Transition Probabilities Calculations K84-90 Hg194-200Isotopes Using IBM-2 (1)
    Enhancement Antibiotic Production Using Random Mutagenesis Streptomyces Sp. Isolant (1)
    Enhancement Water Trickling Filter Nano Technology (1)
    Epic Contractors Selection Using AHP Analytical Hierarchy Process (1)
    Epidemiological Study Cutaneous Leishmaniasis Jadu Area, Northwestern Region Libya (1)
    Estimation Some Geotechnical Properties Tripoli Sand Using Dynamic Cone Penetrometer (Dcp) (1)
    Evaluation Efficacy Biocides Bacterial Strains Isolated Tripoli Medical Centre TMC (1)
    Evaluation System-on-Chip Interconnect Architectures: A Case study Fat-tree Interconnection Networks (1)
    Experimental Solar Performance Coupled Collector Potable Water Production (1)
    Experimental study flame dynamic gas turbine combustor (1)
    Experimental Theoretical Assessment Fuel Production Waste Plastics (1)
    Fault Tolerance Capabilities C LanguageA Case Analysis (1)
    Feedback Linearization Appraoch Design Nonlinear Control Systems (1)
    Fitting Incomplete Bivariate Normal Data Numerical Approach (1)
    Flexural Vibrations Beams (1)
    Flow assurance (1)
    Formation Evaluation Well Logs Analysis Approach Nubian Sandston Reservoir Development East SirtBasin (1)
    Formation Pore Pressure Fracture Pressure Gradients Versus Depth Correlations Sirte Basin Libya (1)
    General strongly nonlinear elliptic partial differential equation unbounded domains (1)
    Geological study Early Late Cretaceous Clastic Reservoirs C-structure Block nc-98 Al hameimāt Trough Sirt Basin-Libya (1)
    Geology Deformed Pan-african Area Wadi Mourizidie Pass Tibesti MASSIF Southern Libya. (1)
    GPS Total Station (1)
    Ground Produce Condensate Water (1)
    Helmholtz resonator analysis (1)
    Hygienic Quality Ground Water Tripoli Area Libya (1)
    Impact and Control of Aflatoxicosis in Broiler Feed (1)
    Impact Mixed Multirate Services Uplink Capacity Coverage Product WCDMA Mobile Networks (1)
    Improving Physical Mechanical Properties Asphalt Binder Material Utilizing Rubber Tires (1)
    Improving Resistance Al and AI- 4 % Si Substrates Laser -Assisted Surface Impregnation Sic Ti (1)
    In-plane Gelerkin Finite Element Analysis Fibrous Composite Panels (1)
    Influence Geometrical Variables Darrieus Rotor Performance (1)
    Influence Input Velocity Data Wind Energy Potential Estimation (1)
    Interaction Human Head Modern Communication Systems Antennas Investigation modeling Simulation (1)
    Interactive Program Three Phase Overhead Transmission Line Design MATLAB (1)
    Investigation Behavior Metal Flow between Flat Overlapping Dies Forging Commercial Copper (1)
    Kinematic Viscosity Temperature Correlation wide world Undefined Petroleum Fractions wide Boiling Range (1)
    Kinetic Matrix Acidizing Reservoir Rocks (1)
    Lady Black (1)
    Laser Surface Alloying Impregnation Ni SiC Some Al-Si Alloys (1)
    Laser Treatment Poly Si Surface and Effect Schottky Diode Characteristics (1)